DEBONAIR adjective deb·o·nair | /ˌdebəˈner/

From Oxford – (of a man) confident, stylish, and charming

“He was charming, debonair, and a master of comedic timing”

You aspire to look more put-together, more debonair. We can help you get there. We are a men’s wardrobe and clothing style development service to help you achieve your personal appearance goals.


Helping you curate your desired personal style is like a branding (or re-branding) campaign for YOU. We take the time to know you better so we can help you present your best possible version to the world through the way you dress. Curious about help with your personal style?


Whether you just need some professional assistance putting together outfits for upcoming work or social events, or you need an entire closet overhaul with personal shopping to fill the gaps, we offer a variety of services to meet your needs along different ends of the wardrobe challenge spectrum.


Check out our blog for style tips of all sorts- from how to turn a “seasonal piece” into a year-round staple, to knowing how to wear black and brown together (because there are definitely ways that you can).